banjo, bass guitar, guitar, keys, mandolin


Miles Eddy is a musician, songwriter, composer, and teacher with a degree in Contemporary, Urban, and Popular Music from Columbia College Chicago. Before his formal education, he was lucky enough to have had incredible, influential mentors and instructors spanning across a number of musical traditions, including a 3-week stint at Grammy Award winning bassist Victor Wooten's acclaimed music and nature camp. This has not only given him an appreciation for many styles of music, but also a flexible, individualized approach to teaching. In addition to teaching, he performs on bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards, at venues as diverse as in the pit of a musical theater production, a jazz combo at an auction house, to the headlining act at basement punk shows.


When not performing, he can be found hanging out with his cat, writing his own songs and instrumental compositions. He performs his original compositions playing guitar and singing—a feat he encourages all of his students to grapple with eventually! He has experience with students from ages 10 to 30, and at a number of skill levels. His approach to beginner lessons is largely centered around the student’s own interests and setting personal goals. From these conversations, we will springboard into the material that the student has chosen, using their own favorite music to introduce larger concepts in music theory, notation, or technique. As students advance, he emphasizes the importance of learning to play with a group through regular duets and instructor accompaniment. Most importantly, he holds that lessons should be about the student and their own unique aspirations. A successful lesson ends with a student who is confident they have progressed toward their own goals.