What can I say about Brooke that won’t sound like gushing? Probably not much! I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke a few years back, shortly after releasing my first solo music CD. While I had done a fair amount of singing over many years of prior band activity, my release was a wake-up call to just how much work I really needed. But I’m also not as young as I once was – and wondered how old is too old to actually start to develop a new skill set.

I had not met Brooke prior to walking in for my first lesson. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. And when I walked into the store that first day, I had serious thoughts of reconsidering. But Brooke greeted me with an enthusiastic smile and immediately put me at ease. I talked about my background, played her some current music I had recently recorded, and we then started to discuss goals and how to get there. I slowly let go of some inhibitions and immediately trusted her guidance. That first lesson felt like it was over before it started. And I knew I had made the right decision.

Over the next two years, I worked with Brooke almost every week, first starting with 30-minute sessions and then increasing to 60 minutes when I realized that there was so much I wanted to cover. And frankly, I was really enjoying myself. Brooke worked with me to help shape the lesson plan, which provided a great blend of song styles that I wanted to tackle, along with her own recommendations. She balanced out my rock selections with genres like traditional jazz-infused pop and musical theater, expanding my range and increasing my appreciation for more styles of singing.

During those two years, I was also recording my next solo project. And I would apply lessons learned to the new songs. I would bring in my ideas and Brooke would work with me to fine-tune each until I was comfortable. The end result was a CD release in 2014 that I will forever be proud of – and worlds beyond my previous projects. And on top of that, the critic reviews were extremely positive across the board!

Brooke is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable voice teacher who is exceptional at listening, evaluating, and communicating technique and theory. She builds confidence even while honestly critiquing performances. And her enthusiasm reflects how much she loves her profession and how much she appreciates her students. And if you put in the hard work and practice, no question she will help you meet your goals. Brooke gets my highest recommendation!

Michael Shanahan


"Brooke is amazing! She is patient, sweet and professional. My son started piano again after taking a 9 year break. This sums up how I feel about him playing again..."What has keys but can't listen to the beauty it unlocks? A Piano" Jarod Kintz.​"

-Michelle A.

Proud Parent

"I have had a positive experience with Lessons By Brooke & Company. My children’s teacher is professional, fun, and knowledgable. Brooke is always helpful and maintains contact with her clients to make sure they are happy and well taken care of."

- Andrea R.

Proud Parent

"My daughters have taken piano with Lessons By Brooke and Company for 2 years . My mom is a retired piano teacher so I have a high standard! We are so pleased with the way their teachers inspire a love of music, bring gamification, technical expertise, structure and fun. Highly recommend."

- Jaime M.

Proud Parent

"Words cannot express how amazing Haley is and how much Maya's singing voice and confidence have improved. Maya would have a lesson every day if she could. Listening to her improve daily is truly amazing.  I cannot recommend Lessons By Brooke & Company enough. "

- Nina C.

Proud Parent