This option is best for students with long term goals who wish to take lessons for an extended period of time in order to master their subject. Monthly students will be guaranteed the same lesson time and day each week. Monthly students may change their time and day according to the instructor's schedule prior to their last lesson of the current month. If no change in time or day is requested, the same schedule will continue. Monthly students that wish to discontinue their lessons for any period of time will not be guaranteed their same time and day if they choose to return.



All private lessons are customized to the individual student's needs, musical goals, and desires. All instructors are highly qualified educators and will only teach with the student's best interests in mind!


This option is best for students with short term goals who wish to take lessons to prepare for an upcoming audition or performance. Drop in lessons can be scheduled at least 24 hours but no more than 1-2 weeks in advance of the lesson time. Drop in lessons do not guarantee the student the same time or day if they wish to take more than one lesson. Drop in lessons will be scheduled according to the instructor's availability.